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Here at The Adelphi Guest House, we strongly believe we can help sustain our local environment by how we go about our everyday activities. We know a combination of small actions is as equally powerful as one large one when it comes to ecology and running an eco-friendly accommodation business.

We are proud to have adopted a number of regular habits that support our green ambitions:

  • Where possible light fittings & lamps are fitted with low energy bulbs
  • We change towels only at guests’ request
  • We use refillable complimentary toiletries rather than takeaway miniatures
  • All toilets have dual flush facility
  • En-suite showers rather than baths save water consumption
  • Room kettles are quick-boil with 0.7 litre capacity to reduce energy waste
  • We wash on lowest possible temperatures
  • Recycling waste bin contents where possible – glass, plastic, papers & tin
  • We source our goods, services & kitchen ingredients locally
  • We encourage full use of public transport and local cycle hire

In addition, we encourage our guests to participate and help achieve our aims by:

  • Switching off unwanted lights and electrical equipment when not in use
  • Not leaving the television on standby – even that uses lots of electricity
  • Requesting towel changes only when necessarySetting room temperature thermostat to a comfortable level
  • Turning off taps while cleaning teeth
  • Leaving cars parked and travelling ‘green’
  • Supporting local resort businesses
  • Letting us know if there is anything more we can do

We know there is always more that can be done and endeavour to consider the environment whenever a purchasing decision must be made. Please join us and help with the environment